Konnubio is a harmonic embrace of flavors, architecture and beauty.Konnubio is also a bar that opens its doors in the morning for breakfast at the counter, for those short on time, or as a buffet, for those who want to want to wake up in a fully relaxing manner. There is always a wide array of homemade sweet and to immediately lift your mood.Konnubio is a restaurant, with a faster and smarter option for lunch followed by a more articulated one for dinner.Konnubio is an afternoon break, offering teas, infusions, desserts and much more to help you relax.Konnubio is a cocktail bar that takes great care in its selection of wines, spirits, as well as its mixology.

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    The restaurant offers the best dishes of Made in Tuscany selected and created by the Marche chef Beatrice Segoni, for ten years in Florence and known in the best kitchens in the city. The dishes that the chef prepares revolve around the great classics of Italian cuisine reinterpreted with elegance, in which the attention to the quality of raw materials is linked with his sensitivity to color, form, presentation, inheritance of the designer, who still resides in she. To complete the proposal the environment, the wine shop and wine bar with a wine list containing over 100 labels

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